2011 Subway Series

2011 CrossFit Subway SeriesAnother year has gone by, and it's time once again for an NYC affiliate throwdown: the 2011 Subway Series! All NYC affiliates are invited to participate -- the affiliate with the best overall score at the end of four events wins the Subway Series Trophy and bragging rights for a whole year!

Event Schedule
Saturday, August 6th, 9am: CrossFit Virtuosity
Saturday, August 13th, 9am: CrossFit Long Island City
Saturday, August 20th, 9am: CrossFit Queens
Saturday, August 27th, 9am: CrossFit South Brooklyn

Scoring will work "Open-style": top 3 male and top 3 female athletes from each affiliate will score based on their place finish in each event. Athletes may score in any event regardless of attendance at other events.

The ultimate series winner will be the affiliate with the least points after all 4 events have been completed. In the event of a tie, a 5th tie-breaking event will be held.

Although only athletes competing RX’d will qualify for affiliate scoring, all athletes are encouraged to participate or watch and cheer. There will be scaling options available at each event.

Events are free, but all athletes MUST register for each individual event in advance via EventBrite in order to participate. Registration for each event will open the Sunday preceding the event, and close midnight Thursday preceding the event.  Workout details will be released at the same time registration opens.  Each event will be capped at 90 total participants, so we strongly advise you to register early!

Event #1: Saturday, August 6th at CrossFit Virtuosity

WOD #1
AMRAP in 2 mins
Axle Clean & Jerk (130# / 90#)

WOD #2
50' Sled Backpedal (270# / 180#)
50' Farmer's Walk (2x130# / 2x90#)
100' Overhead Slam Ball Carry (50# / 30#)
50' Farmer's Walk (2x130# / 2x90#)
50' Sled Drag (270# / 180#)
Weights TBD

WOD #3
Max Weight Zercher Lift

Full workout standards are posted here.

Event #2: Saturday, August 13th at CrossFit Long Island City

for time, with 8 min cap, perform:

600m Row
40 KB Swings, 24/16kg
You time is noted at this point.

in the remaining time perform:
20 Handstand Push-ups
AMRAP of Muscle-ups

Your final time is calculated the following way. For every HSPU not finished within 8 minutes you get 3 sec added to your Row/Swing time. For every MU performed within 8 minutes you get 10 sec subtracted from your Row/Swing time. You have to finish all Handstand Push-ups before moving to Muscle-ups.


Rowing: the damper setting on the Concept2 rower cannot be set higher than the value that would put the drag factor above 130.

Kettlebell Swing: At the top of the swing the kettlebell must be centered over the feet with the hips and knees fully extended and the arms straight. At the bottom, the wrists must touch the thighs and the bell must pass behind the heels. There is no requirement for the Kettlebell to be fully inverted (bell over the handle.)

HSPU-standardHandstand Push-ups: two 35lb Rogue HI-TEMP bumper plates will be placed on the ground next to the wall with an abmat in between. The plates are going to be marked with the tape as shown on the right. The start and finish positions of each rep are identical, with the hands inside the markings on the plates, the arms locked out, body straight and only the feet touching the wall. The feet must be inside the hands, meaning the width between the feet must be less than the width between the hands. From the starting position, the arms bend until the head touches the abmat. The athlete presses back up until the start finish position is achieved. The feet do not have to remain on the wall for the movement, though they must be on the wall to complete the rep. Kipping is allowed.

Muscle-ups: The arms must be fully extended at the bottom with the hands turned out. A false grip is recommended but not required. The athlete must be pressed out completely (arms straight) at the top. Kipping the muscle-up is permitted.

Scaling Options

For Kettlebell Swings the weight will be scaled to 16 kg for men and 10 kg for women. Handstand Push-ups will be replaced with the strict Dumbbell Presses. Men will use two 40 lbs dumbbells, women - two 20 lbs dumbbells. Muscle-ups will be replaced with 5 pull-ups and 10 hand-release push-ups.

Other scaling weights and options may be made available. However, in order for your score to count towards your gym's overall score, you have to use the above scaling options.

Event #3: Saturday, August 20th at CrossFit Queens

WOD #1

5 Minutes to establish your 3RM OHS

Rest 2 Minutes

WOD #2

1 Minute AMRAP of Double Unders
2 Minute AMRAP Hang Power Snatch 95#/63#
3 Minute AMRAP of Toes to bar

Score: There are two scores highest 3RM wins Event 1. Highest number of reps completed wins Event 2.  Each competitor will receive 1 point for each place.  1st place =1, 2nd place = 2. Lowest score wins.


  • Three consecutive overhead squats. Once the bar is jerked over head the bar may not come back down.
  • You will then have two minutes of rest before moving directly into the double unders.  The rope must pass completely under the feet for the rep to count.  Failed attempts do not count.
  • The hang power snatch must start from the hips.  There must be a pass after the initial lift of the ground and there must be a redip before the bar is snatched overhead.  Full lock out must be achieved at the top.  That means knees, hips, elbows and shoulders.
  • Toe to bars are the same as the 2011 CrossFit Open standard.  Any part of the foot can touch the bar, but both feet much touch at the same time.  On the way down, feet must pass under the hips before attempting another T2B.  Gymnastics grips, tape, and gloves are allowed.
  • Scaling Options: Singles instead of double unders, hang power snatch 75lbs/W35lbs, situps instead of toes to bar

If you have any questions please e-mail brandy@crossfitqueensny.com

Register here.

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