Saturday, December 24, 2011

Posted on: December 23rd, 2011 by Vadim

WOD: "Shuffling" (watch description in the video below)

Really though, what we are going to do today is a bit unusual. Today we are going to start the series of educational classes, the classes that we will do from time to time, the classes in which we are going to come up with the workout TOGETHER. What it means is not Albert rushing through the doors screaming "Snatches all day long!", or Hiroshi going "Front Levers and Strict Bar Muscle-ups!", or Kevin - "Row 2K... 5 times.. all under 7 min!", or Rab - "Press 200 lbs for reps!", or Annalisa - "30 min AMRAP of 50m and 100m Sprints!" or Anna C. - "Let's Finish with some Paleo cupcakes I made this morning!".. OK, OK... I got carried away with that last one a bit. I just couldn't resist. We will totally miss Anna's awesome cooking. For those who haven't heard yet, Anna and Josh are moving back to Seattle :(...

Ok, where was I?? Ah.. Workout! So, we will start with a short discussion on the basics of how to come up with a workout based on the training you've done in the past, on what your strengths and weaknesses are, on what your overall goals are, and on what's planned for the future. Don't get too excited, I'm not going to spit out our entire program for the next month :-) But I do have the power of final approval on the workout you guys come up with today :-).

Why exactly are we doing this? Well, remember what I've been saying all along? Our motto has always been to help you guys get fitter and stronger, faster, healthier! (That last bit sounded like the brand of a fish oil some of us use, didn't it?) To get there as fast as possible and with no setbacks (or the fewest number of setbacks) along the way. To help you learn how to move your body better. And to have fun doing this! AND we want you to know the methods we use, so that you can do it on your own, if need be. Or make better decisions on what to do and how to train when you are not here. See where I'm going?

I'm not saying you don't need coaches. Even the best coaches need coaches themselves, at least from time to time, and if they say otherwise, they are just full of it, or at least that is what I think. What I'm saying is this. Quite a lot of you travel a lot. And naturally, we look for a local CrossFit box to visit when we are out of town on vacation or on business. Or perhaps that hotel gym is the only option (which is less and less of an issue now with over 3500 CrossFit Affiliates worldwide and growing.) What would be the best workout to do? Or, say, that CrossFit Affiliate is doing "Murph" today. How exciting! Last week I was on vacation and stopped by that other Affiliate, and they also did "Murph" and it took me an hour! Let's see if I can do it in 59 minutes... Should I scale it or just go balls to the wall and see how long it takes them to scrap me off the floor after? Should I do it at all? Well... My answer is - it depends. Actually, in the above example the answer is quite obvious, and if it's not, we have to have a serious discussion. Anyways, we will continue in class. See you bright and early, right around 10am ;-)

Don't forget to watch the video below. I'm searching for the right tunes at the moment so that we can do this!