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Please welcome our newest member Brian, who graduated into classes last week!

Thanks to everyone who came out Saturday and made our first 2015 Open Intramural workout such a success!!!

While clearly Saturday is the most AWESOME time to do the Оpen workout, it’s understandable that some people can’t make it and still want to participate in the Open. Therefore, in order to contain the EPIC EXCITEMENT (see video below) around the Open, we’re offering a few set times to come make up that week’s Open Workout, in case you absolutely cannot make the Saturday.

Having set times allows us to expect you, give full attention to the regularly scheduled class and have a second coach on hand to give you the best Оpen experience possible. Now who’s excited?!?

Here are the set times to give the Open Workout a shot:

Friday mornings at 6:00am
Friday evenings at 7:30pm
SATURDAY AT 10AM with the BBQ after – BEST OPTION!!!
Sunday at 11:00am
Monday morning at 6:00am



Back Squat 1-10-1-20-1-30
Use the heaviest weight you can for each set. Rest as needed between sets.

Finish with (time permitting): 3 rounds of GH Raise, 6-8 reps

Absolutely AWESOME times yesterday at our Intramural Open! 46 athletes plowed hard through 15.1 and 15.1a and showed some incredible effort and outstanding results! Thanks to the team Bacony Muscles for hosting the BBQ – the food was delicious! We are summarizing our Intramural team scores for this week and will post them shortly. In the meantime, the vanity scores are up on the Leaderboards on our Intramural Open page. Scroll all the way down.

We’ve added a new page to our website with the Daily Leaderboard displaying the results of the training for the current day. You can also go back and check the results of any days in the past. Daily Leaderboard.

100 Double-Unders
— then —
21-15-9 reps:
Wall Ball
Burpee Box Jump Over
— then —
100 Double-Unders

A. Jerk 3-3-3-3-3

B. amrap in 15 min of at 85%:
Row 250 m
25 Push-ups

Coaching Notes: The first Open workout has been announced, and it is as if we were training for it. Today, work up to a manageable set of three reps on the Jerk, off the rack. Don’t try to max out. Concentrate on perfect mechanics. Part B do at 85%, sustainable pace. Concentrate on as perfect of a push-up as possible. Rock and Roll! And have fun!

Watch Benjamin Zander’s TED Talk video above. The first time I watched and posted it on our blog was back in 2009, and it is still my all time favorite TED talk. “Stop thinking about every single note along the way. Start thinking about the long, long line from B to E… ”

A. Hang Power Clean 3-3-3-3-3

B. “Christine”
3 rounds for time
Row 500m
12 Deadlifts, bodyweight
21 Box Jumps, 20″

Finish with: time permitting, practice bar and/or ring muscle-ups and pull-overs

Quote of the Day: “Be inspired by the space between where you are and where you want to be”

Intramural Open 2015: This Saturday we will be doing 15.1, the first workout of the CrossFit 2015 Open! (Open workouts are released on Thursdays on the games site.)


Please arrive on time, warm yourself up, and we’ll start running heats ASAP! If you need to leave early, come a little before 10am, warm-up, and get yourself into an early heat. If you don’t need to leave early, please come on time anyway! We need judges, as well as verbal encouragement.

BBQ this week is provided by team BACONY MUSCLES, give them a hand for tackling the first weekend!

See you Saturday and don’t forget to put a tick mark next to your name for every class you attend over the next 5 weeks!

A. Overhead Squat, find your 1 Rep Max

B. TnG Power Snatch 30.6
Every 30 secs for 4 mins: 4 x TnG Power Snatches, pick load
rest 4 minutes
Every 20 secs for 4 mins: 2 x TnG Power Snatches, pick load

total load – about 133% of last week
workload per min – 100% of last week

Intramural Open: Your name is on the white board behind the lifting platforms. Put a tick mark next to your name for every class you attend over the next 5 weeks starting today. Each class is 1 point earned for your team. You can earn UP TO 6 POINTS PER WEEK!! Showing up on Saturday counts as a point, so put a mark up then too! Each Saturday we’ll take a tally, erase the marks and start again.

A1. Push Press 2-2-2-2-2-2
A2. 40 sec side bridge L + 40 sec side bridge R

B. amrap in 8 min of:
8 Burpees
4 Weighted Pull-ups, 25/15#

A. Back Squat, 20 RM
This is our 7th week and last week. Add 5-10#. Do 20 reps unbroken. You cannot put the bar down and should not rest for minutes at a time.

B. for time:
Row 1000m
5 rounds of:
7 Front Squats, 135/83#
50 Double Unders
Row 1000m

Finish with: 3 rounds for quality of GH Raise, 6-8 reps

Please welcome our newest member Samantha, who just graduated into classes this week!

Quote of the Day: “Dedication is the hours we put in when nobody else is watching”

Partner amrap in 20 min:
3 Handstand Push-ups
6 Ring Dips
9 Push-ups

Today is our Intramural Open 2015 Kick-off and BBQ! See you all at 10am!

We are going to kick-off our party today with the “Bergeron Beep Test”:

EMOM for as long as possible…
7 Thrusters, 75/55
7 Pull ups
7 Burpees

Super Elite/Specialists: 20+
Games Level Athletes: 18+
Regional Level Athletes: 13+
Open Level Athletes: 9+

*The Bergeron Beep Test is an excellent test of CrossFit-Specific conditioning and mental fortitude. Smaller and shorter athletes, particularly those with shorter arms, have an advantage in this test. Regardless, it is one of the tests of CF Sport Specific Conditioning and can be used as one of several tools to benchmark YOUR improvements throughout the year.

Reminder: tomorrow is the Intramural Open 2015 Kick-off and BBQ! Meat and beverages provided by LIC; side dishes provided by you.

A1. Push Press 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
A2. Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat @3010; 8-10 reps/leg

B. The Swing Test
200, Single Arm Russian Kettlebell Swings in 10 minutes. Every 30 seconds perform 10 reps and then put the bell down before changing hands.

1 2 3 4 208

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