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Begin with: Holiday 15 Days Upside Down Challenge: Single set of Handstand Hold for max time; at a minimum accumulate 20 sec. Email pictures to [email protected]


WOD: Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 mins of:
7 Push Presses, 135/95#
10 Overhead Squats, 135/95#
15 GHD Sit-Ups


log results to


Travel WOD: AMRAP in 15 minutes:
5 Handstand Pushups
10 Overhead Squats, hold towel/rope overhead
15 Situps, anchored feet


Rowing Club #10: 5 x 750m, 3 min rest; 2k sr, 2k pace – 2


Robert, Sit-ups

Begin with: Holiday 15 Days Upside Down Challenge: Single set of Handstand Hold for max time; at a minimum accumulate 20 sec. Email pictures to [email protected]


WOD: Football Gone Bad
Three 1 minute rounds for time:
1. DB Thrusters 45 lbs
2. Box Jumps 20″ box
3. Push Ups
4. Double Unders
5. Calorie Row
* Rest 1 minute between rounds


log results to


Travel WOD: 10 rounds, each round for time, of:
15 Push-ups
Sprint, 60 yd
Rest 1 min between each round.


Thomas, flying through Double-Unders

A. Back Squat (low bar) 3-3-3-3-3


B. for time:
Deadlift, 225#/155# 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Handstand Push Up 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10


Travel WOD: for time:
Superman Hold 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 seconds
HSPUs 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 reps


Rowing Club #8: 6 x 1k, sr 26, 6k pace +2, rest 3min


Mike, Back Squat

Today we are hosting the King of Queens competition. If you are not participating, come over to watch and cheer your friends!


The Winter Holidays are upon us. If you are not making it to the box one of the days during the holidays, we will be posting the travel workouts every day until the end of the year. All travel workouts require only your body, so there is no excuse in not training.


Travel WOD: 5 rounds for time of:
10 Vertical Jumps
10 Push-ups


Are you doing our Holiday 15 Days Upside Down Challenge? The Challenge starts on Monday, but you can already practice and email your pictures to [email protected]. They will be posted automatically to


WOD: 12-9-6-3 reps of:
Push Jerk, 155#/103#
CTB Pull-Ups
Run 400m


Rowing Club: #7: 3 x 8 min:
8 min, 26 sr, 6k pace + 2, rest 8 min
8 min, change sr every 2 min (24, 26, 28, 30), 6k pace + 2, rest 8 min
8 min, change sr every 4 min (26, 28), 6k pace


Winter Nutritional Challenge!


We are having a CFLIC Nutritional Challenge coming up in January! Below are the details, so mark down the dates in your calendar and start preparing!


– 6 weeks in length. Monday, January 14th till Saturday, February 23rd.


– email pictures of EVERY meal to the blog. All participants will see your meal right on their smartphones. Start posting your food pictures (or log) DAILY to Posterous blog on Monday, January 14th. Each participant will get an email from Posterous confirming we subscribed you to the blog. When you post please write your name in the SUBJECT of the email and type a short description of your meal in the BODY of the email, aka “two egg omelet with a cup of broccoli”. We will be able to give you the same day feedback on your meals. You can also post questions, recipes and share good places to eat out!


– benchmark workout before and after. Before benchmark will be during a regular class times on Saturday, January 12th – 10am and 11am classes. You are responsible for recording your time and the exact way you scaled (for example – 16kg kettlebell, green thick band). After the challenge workout will be on the last day of the challenge – Saturday, February 23rd, during regular classes. If you cannot make these two Saturdays to class, you can do the benchmark workout before or instead of your regular class a couple of days before/after the challenge starts/ends. If you are traveling around the beginning and the end of the challenge, you can do this workout at another CrossFit affiliate asking them to validate your score and send us a picture of you and your workout results on the whiteboard at that affiliate.


– pictures before and after (confidential). Email 3 pictures (front, back, side) of yourself in shorts (guys) or in shorts and a sports bra (girls). Before pictures are due by Monday, January 14th. After pictures are due by 11pm on Friday, February 22nd. If you have no one to take your picture, use the bathroom mirror!


– mandatory nutritional workshop will be held the week before the challenge starts. We will have two dates:
Thursday, January 10th at 6:30pm
Saturday, January 12th at 12pm
If you cannot make either day, please email [email protected]

Meanwhile you can read our dietary prescription here:


How long can you hold a flex-arm-hold?

A. Snatch Balance 2-2-2-2-2


B. 21-15-9 reps, for time of:
Kettlebell Swing, 24/16kg
Box Jump, 24″


Rowing Club: #6: 6 x (90 sec on, 3 min off), 2k sr, 2k pace – 2


2013 CRASH-B: 73 days till the 2013 C.R.A.S.H.-B. Sprints and online registration is now open! Race day is Sunday, February 17, 2013, at Agganis Arena in Boston. Fee is $25. Sign up here and let us know that you did. We will add you to our team to go to Boston in February! While registering, under “Affiliation” select “CrossFit LIC”. If it doesn’t show up as an option, select “Not Listed” and type into the field below “CrossFit LIC”. During registration you will have to enter your “Recent 2000m Erg Time” so if you don’t know it, stay after class and get it done! Sign up now!


Announcing the Holiday Challenge15 Days Upside Down! The way it works – You get upside down on day one – Monday 12/17 and stay there until 2013… Just kidding. This challenge is simply a chance to practice handstands or headstands EVERY DAY for 15 days before the New Year, and have some fun doing it. This can be done in the gym, at home, or while traveling, and is a free competition with some prizes, so check out the details below!


15 days: Monday 12/17/12 to Monday 12/31/12. Spend 20+ seconds upside down each day. Can be broken into as many sets as needed, just spend 20 seconds minimum upside down total each day. If you miss a day, you can make it up the next day, but you have to do the total time for both days. Finish on Monday, December 31 with one long set spent upside down!


Ways to win: PHOTO CONTEST – Take a photo of you in a handstand every day during the challenge and send it to [email protected]. The photo will be posted to for all of us to review. VIDEO CONTEST – Shoot the video of your December 31 long handstand set and send to the same email address. We’ll all vote on our favorite photo and video – if you win, you get our new super warm and super cool hoodie, CrossFit LIC T-Shirt and a large bottle of SFH fish oil!


Flashback to 2010 – even Snowmen CrossFit in Long Island City!
Even Snowmen CrossFit in Long Island City

A. Row 500m max effort


B. “Annie”:
50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds; for time of:


Weekend Schedule Reminder: there are no classes on Saturday, December 15. We are hosting the King of Queens competition. Come over to watch and support, if you are not competing.



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