House Rules

CrossFit Long Island CityTo a dedicated athlete, a training facility starts to become a second home. Hours and hours are spent training. Sweat is lost, blood is split, and grunts are echoed out the door. Relationships are developed, and bonds are forged; the type of bonds that can be made only through a shared sense of pain, perseverance, and accomplishment. You come here to make yourself better, physically and mentally. Goals are reached, and new ones are set, the path, unending.


This box is more than a training center, but a representation of the fortress you are building within. A showcase of all which you are capable. As you cherish the bed you sleep in, you must cherish the box you train at. You must care for it, and treat it well, for it’s only purpose is to serve you on your quest for greatness. It asks for nothing, only your dedication and respect.


Yay Burpees!Greet new members. We all were a “new guy” or a "new gal" at one point. Take the time to greet your new box mates. After all , these are the people that you are going to shed blood, sweat, and tears (maybe) with. A CrossFit box can be very intimidating, especially when watching some fire breathers go at it, so a warm and friendly introduction can really settle some nerves. Also, there is a 30 burpee penalty if you get caught not knowing your classmates names, just to keep you on your toes of course!


Sign up for classes. By signing up for classes you give your coaches a better idea on how to setup equipment, structure and run the class, and as a result get the most from each training session. Also, if you do not sign up and show up to a class that is full, you run the risk of being bumped into a later class.


Show up on time. Or even ahead of time, especially if you feel you need that extra warm-up. If everyone shows up when class is supposed to start, everyone can be out within an hour. Plus, it’s important to warm up together. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence said it best, “We ride together, we die together”. Cheesy, I know, but those guys are pretty bad ass, and so are you. The warm-up is when we get to prepare for the battles ahead and work on some important skill movements. Also, if you come late and miss the warm-up, you will be bumped into the next class.


iPod/mp3 players. Alright folks, we understand that Lady Gaga can be quite the motivation during a Filthy Fifty, but it’s important to keep your iPod/mp3 players off during the workout. We don’t say this because we hate Lady Gaga, or her outfits, or everything about her, but because it interferes with our ability to coach you. It’s our job to make sure you are performing safely and efficiently, and you need your ears to hear your coach. The only exception to this rule is if it’s purely a running or rowing workout. Then you can listen to whatever your heart desires.


JengaReturn equipment you are using back to it’s original spots when you are finished. This way other members can find it, and there is more space to move around the box. When stacking the bumpers, make sure they are aligned properly. While Jenga is a great game, when dealing with a few hundred pounds of weights, it’s a bit more intimidating.


Learn to control your weight. There is nothing wrong with dropping a bar on a failed lift or when you feel you can no longer safely perform a motion. However, it should not become the standard method of resetting reps. Do not drop an empty barbell. They are expensive, and are not meant to be dropped. Control the weight you are using to the best of your ability, if you find this too hard a task, simply lower the load.  For every time you deliberately drop a barbell or a kettlebell or any load from overhead when you could control it on the way down, you are doing 20 burpees.


Simulated Chalk MonkeyChalk. When using chalk, chalk your hands inside the bucket. Chalk can get pretty messy, so do your best to keep as much inside the bucket as possible, plus, it will last longer. Don't be the Chalk Monkey.


If you notice that you managed to drench your medball or abmat (which is perfectly fine and normal), wipe it down after the workout. We love to sweat as much as the next guy or gal who loves to sweat, but when sweat starts to mix it’s not very sanitary and ruins equipment quicker. If you happen to rip or tear a body part (this sounds a bit extreme), take care of yourself. Clean up the wound and grab some sanitary wipes to clean up any blood.

When tossing trash or paper towels, make sure you get it into the actual garbage. While nailing a 10ft target with a large weighted ball may not be so difficult anymore, a paper towel is proving to be quite the nemesis of accuracy and coordination. Take the extra second to ensure a safe delivery of paper to it’s receptacle. If you want, you can even pretend you’re playing NBA Jam on SNES.


Most importantly, remember why you are here. To train for the unknown and unknowable of course, and have fun!